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Heli-Con is striving to be the innovator in rotary driven piles and we are constantly evolving within our industry to create solutions that will provide our customers with the results they need.

Rotary driven piles are fast becoming an engineers’ go to method for solving many of todays complicated construction problems. With pile diameters of 6” to 24”, Heli-Con can install a solid base for you. With torques of 25000 ft/lbs to 200,000 ft/lbs Heli-Cons’ rotary machine heads can meet the majority of specs geotechnical engineers require. Heli-Con has the knowledge and equipment you require to complete the job.

Many times projects can’t start due to poor soil conditions and suspect fill depths. Rotary driven piles are perfect in these instances and “bridge the gap” for these issues to give you a solid base in which to start. Removing the need to excavate large quantities of material screw piles are a time and money saver.

Where temporary bases/foundations are required rotary piles give a fast and efficient method of installation. No matter the project, there is a weight bearing solution that screw piles will provide. And after the job is completed screw piles can be removed with little effort and reclamation can be completed.

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