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Heli-Con is involved from design , fabrication, delivery through to installation.

We pride ourselves with providing a site specific exacting installation, with the speed required to accomplish the project and keep up with today’s high paced construction timelines.

We work with geotechnical engineers to accomplish your foundation project to exacting specs, and give you the high quality base you need to accomplish your goal. 

Industries Served

Oil , Gas, and Mining

  • Remote camp trailer foundations and skid trailer temporary bases
  • Bases for pipe stands, well shacks
  • Machinery bases
  • Tanks, stabilization and slope work
  • Reclamation positive


  • Light pole bases
  • Guywire bracing

Commercial and Industrial Construction

  • Foundations including grade beam integration
  • Slab support systems
  • Shoring and tiebacks
  • Industrial fence and stock posts
  • Bollards

Civil & Forestry Bridge Works

  • Temporary decks
  • Shoring and stabilization
  • Abutment bases and integration
  • Forestry bridges and approaches

Municipal to Residential

  • High risk bollard building protection and security
  • Temporary building bases
  • Grade beams
  • Remote driveway gates
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